Personal Injury 


If you are the victim of an accident, collision or inicident involving the fault of another, you may not be aware of your rights and the legal procedures involved. We are here to help guide you through the process at no upfront cost through our direct experience with motorcycle and vehicle collisions, slip and falls, wrongful deaths and malpractice.



Family &

Domestic Law

Divorce and custody encompass extremely difficult factors. We hope you never go through this but if you do, we can help using the resources and knowledge necessary to guide you through each process and to fight for your rights. Whether you are filing for divorce, modification, contempt, guardianship, or dealing with a private personal legal matter, we can provide wholsome professional guidance!

Criminal Law

MEANS-LAW was founded in 2007 when lead attorney, Mark Means, created a more personal approach with direct attorney to client communication and individualized focus. 
Our small full-service law firm offers comprehensive strategies with specialty training and expertise in the following fields:

Mark L. Means, of Means-Law, is an honors graduate of the University of California-Davis and the recipient of a Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law. He has been fighting for the people since 2007, specializing in criminal law, personal injury, family/domestic law, business litigation and mediation. Mark is dedicated to using his education and experience to protect your legal rights by tailoring a unique approach to solving your legal issues, generating exceptional outcomes.


Facing the criminal justice system is complicated but having the right defense makes the difference. If you have been accused of committing a crime, our team can assist. We conduct thorough research, analyze facts and present the findings to produce the best possible outcome for you.

Business Litigation


We successfully litigate and resolve cases involving small business and corporations. Versatile across a wide range of business sectors, we have developed particular depth within the financial industry, insurance, manufacturing, and retail as well as internal investigations and patent litigation practice. We will assist in unraveling each issue to set the foundation for your success. 

A neutral and knowledgable third party may negotiate to help form a compromise or settlement outside of court which still concludes with concrete solutions. Experts at mediation, a multitude of areas and issues may be best resolved with an alternative conflict-resolution approach. These may include commercial, legal, diplomatic, workplace, community, or family matters.